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Bon Appetit

Outside Puppets latest piece “Bon Appetit”

will be at the Fling Festival in Chelmsford this week-end for its UK premiere.

Outside Puppets “bon appetit” at Fling Festival in Chemlsford June 2014.

World Premiere in Charleville-Mézières – World Puppetry Festival sept 2013

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A minimalist piece of street clownish puppetry using discarded materials otherwise called (a selection of the finest) rubbish.

Outside Puppets’s take on our perversion of the food-chain through an irreverent journey from the deep dark weird very bottom of the oceans to the Nouvelle Cuisine dish of an arrogant 5 star restaurant.

Who will be eaten last?

Family audience (+2)

Duration: 15-20min

Crew: 4

Tech: A street and a selection of the finest rubbish around.


photo Yi Wang
photo Yi Wang
photo Yi Wang

In a Food Lab, scientists Wagner and Vladimir are attempting to create the ultimate super food aided by their psychotic drug lover guinea-pig. As the experiment progresses, the excitement grows, fumes and gazes go loose, mistakes happens and things get out of hands. The result of the experiment is nothing like what was expected…

The Experiment is a comical and satirical take on the food industry and its alchemical secrets cabaret performance using muppets and rod puppets.

Family audience (+12)

Duration: 20min

Crew: 4

Tech: A table and spotlights.

Laptop playback for sound, or we can bring portable sound.

living with Jellyfish – call for support

A magical story of a healing journey through cancer. A clown, circus and puppetry production that will touch your heart and feed your spirit.

“(…) an exciting new show coming up and I need your support. Please join me and become part of this adventure.

My name is Virginia Gamboa, I am a circus performer and I have gathered a group of very skilled artists for a new circus, clown and puppetry production titled “Living with Jellyfish, a Magical Healing Journey.”

“Living with Jellyfish” narrates my personal story and my own experience with cancer and the fear associated with it. This theatre production is an excuse for me to share my story. I strongly feel that this can be very healing for me and for others who have been touched by any health difficulty. By exploring the fears and pain associated to illness with a lot of respect and humour I think we can create a very supporting and uplifting theatrical experience.

Even though it is a personal story it is a theme that touches most people these days, whether they have been directly or indirectly touched by cancer or by any other health issue. This show aims to ease off the pain and fear associated to illness.”

RAW INNATO – Residency @ Anatum’s Abode

Outside Puppets collective core members are currently in residency entitled RAW INNATO at Anatum’s Abode cultural hub & independent exhibition space in East London. The arts center focusing on bringing people together and providing exhibition space for emerging and established artists. Anatum’s Abode welcomes all with arms wide spread – be it works of any media or various types of performance.

Using puppetry and “performative play”, Andre, Fede and Ludo (aka Skew Wiff) are exploring ways of designing creative facilitation sessions with the aim of developing the consciousness of the self and the willingness to access it as well as to allow it to become a constructive and inherent part of everyday life.

The residency will offer a number of workshops open to the public.

The workshops dates will soon be announced on the Anatum’s Abode fbook page.

rawinnato residency Holotropic breathing technique session (inspired by Grof) on week one at Anatum’s Abode.
Photo c/o Lee.