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“Radicality of the Puppet Theater” – P. Schumann [extract]

“Puppet theater, the employment and dance of dolls, effigies and puppets, is not only historically obscure and unable to shake off its ties to shamanistic healing and other inherently strange and hard to prove social services. It is also by definition of its most persuasive characteristics, an anarchic art, subversive and untameable by nature, an art which is easier researched in police records than in theatre chronicles, an art which by fate and spirit does not aspire to represent governments or civilisations, but prefers its own secret and demeaning stature in society, representing, more or less, the demons of that society and definitely not its institutions.”

[“Radicality of the Puppet Theater” – P. Schumann]

Bread and Puppet; a great source of inspiration for Outside Puppets collective

Puppet & Mask-making workshop @ Brixton Afro Latino Community event

Outside Puppets  was lucky to take part in a fundraising social event at the Brixton Youth Centre near Vassal road (in support of the space) for the Afro Latino community.

The Mask and puppet making workshop  was free and revealed some really talented and inspired makers among the children.

outsidepuppets-puppet and mask making workshop-Brixtonyouthcentreafrolatinocommunityevent-03


outsidepuppets-puppet and mask making workshop-brixtonyouthcentreafrolatinocommunityevent
one of the mask made during the workshop

Newham Woodcraft Folk – Solidarity and Friendship Camp

Outside Puppets was invited to join the camp with Woodcraft this year and the children made an amazing show! Definitely the 2016 highlight for us!

These brilliant pictures speak for themselves.

a trolley full of outside puppets newham woodcraft folk camo 2016
a trolley full of puppets!

OutsidePuppets-WoodcraftCamp2016-paperpuppetmakingandtheatre-02 OutsidePuppets-WoodcraftCamp2016-paperpuppetmakingandtheatre-01 OutsidePuppets-WoodcraftCamp2016-paperpuppetmakingandtheatre-00

Wodcraft puppet making workshop Mr NONONO

living with Jellyfish – call for support

A magical story of a healing journey through cancer. A clown, circus and puppetry production that will touch your heart and feed your spirit.

“(…) an exciting new show coming up and I need your support. Please join me and become part of this adventure.

My name is Virginia Gamboa, I am a circus performer and I have gathered a group of very skilled artists for a new circus, clown and puppetry production titled “Living with Jellyfish, a Magical Healing Journey.”

“Living with Jellyfish” narrates my personal story and my own experience with cancer and the fear associated with it. This theatre production is an excuse for me to share my story. I strongly feel that this can be very healing for me and for others who have been touched by any health difficulty. By exploring the fears and pain associated to illness with a lot of respect and humour I think we can create a very supporting and uplifting theatrical experience.

Even though it is a personal story it is a theme that touches most people these days, whether they have been directly or indirectly touched by cancer or by any other health issue. This show aims to ease off the pain and fear associated to illness.”