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RAW INNATO – Residency @ Anatum’s Abode

Outside Puppets collective core members are currently in residency entitled RAW INNATO at Anatum’s Abode cultural hub & independent exhibition space in East London. The arts center focusing on bringing people together and providing exhibition space for emerging and established artists. Anatum’s Abode welcomes all with arms wide spread – be it works of any media or various types of performance.

Using puppetry and “performative play”, Andre, Fede and Ludo (aka Skew Wiff) are exploring ways of designing creative facilitation sessions with the aim of developing the consciousness of the self and the willingness to access it as well as to allow it to become a constructive and inherent part of everyday life.

The residency will offer a number of workshops open to the public.

The workshops dates will soon be announced on the Anatum’s Abode fbook page.

rawinnato residency Holotropic breathing technique session (inspired by Grof) on week one at Anatum’s Abode.
Photo c/o Lee.